Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summertime Scrapping

Well, our summer here in Manitoba has certainly been lacklustre to say the least! We had about a week of hot temperatures (25 to 30 degrees Celsius) and since then, daily predicted highs have gotten lower and lower and it has been rainy and overcast. It was so cold last night, that I slept with an extra comforter! However, this is one plus – I have been doing a LOT of scrapping!

In search of new photos to scrap, I found a bunch of photos from our trip to Alberta in 2003. These included a trip to the Calgary zoo where I got shot after shot of exotic animals not common to our own zoo. I went in search of a zoo kit to use with these photos. I had seen several kits being advertised lately, including this one from Nitwit Collections:


HullabaZoo Collection


I love Mary Fran’s stuff and think this collection is great but it just didn’t seem to suit my zoo pictures . . . it was just TOO cute!

Then I found this one by Phuong Studios . . .


Day at the Zoo


This preview really doesn’t do the kit justice. You need to see the further previews and even the Creative Team layouts to truly appreciate the scope and beauty of this kit.


Day at the Zoo - Papers


Dat at the Zoo - Frames and stuff


This kit has THREE alphas, 19 papers and 85 elements! Unbelievable for the price of only $5.50!

Here are the first three layouts I have scrapped with it – I have about nine layouts left to scrap for just the zoo part of our trip!


Click photo for larger size and full details


Hip Hippo-ray!
Click photo for larger size and full details


P is for Primate
Click photo for larger size and full details


I am having so much fun with this kit! If that wasn’t enough, I saw that Phuong had advertised her new kit that was coming out and giving it away to three people. I posted in the forum thread and last night, Phuong notified me that I had won! I will also use this kit for my Alberta Trip 2003 album because it will work nicely with our dinosaur photos from Brooks and Drumheller!




Again, the preview does not do justice to this kit! Be sure to click on the preview above to go and view the CT layouts but here is a preview of the papers to whet your appetite!


Prehistoric - Papers


This kit is similar to the zoo one in that it contains 18 papers as well as plants and various dinosaurs as well as other elements. I am really looking forward to using it!


Well, I guess that’s it for now . . . got to get back to scrapping my trip album!