Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take Your Layouts With You!

For those of you who like gadgets, you may be interested in the new Pocket Album by Digital Foci. This is a slick little number that holds up to 74 pictures that can be scrolled manually or shown via slide show. The album has a 1.5" color screen and runs on a lithium battery designed to give 9 hours battery life.

The Pocket Album comes complete with user-friendly software needed to convert JPG or BMP files from your computer to Pocket Album. The software lets you view, crop and rotate photos you wish to transfer before it automatically resizes them for optimal storage and display on the unit. Pocket Album can be recharged with an included AC adapter or via USB attached to your computer. The album comes complete with built in clock with automatic on/off timer and LCD contrast adjustment.

All this for $39.95! You can bet this will be on my Kaboodle list! Just think . . . you can buy a few of these for Christmas presents and pre-load them with your favorite layouts! How sweet is that?


Pocket Album by Digital Foci


Hummie said...

That's cool! I could get one for my mom and load it up with new photos each time I visit her.

DreamScrapper said...

Exactly what I thought, Hummie! Of course, I would want one for myself, too!