Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Forum Acronyms Revealed! - UPDATED!

Have you been stymied by some of the gobble-de-gook that shows up on the scrapping forums? I know I have! I think a lot of it has evolved from MSN Messenger usage because you see a lot of LOLs and ROFLs being bunted about but there are a lot of newer items that have had me stymied for quite awhile! If you are new to forums, you may even wonder if we are from some distant planet using goodness knows what language with which to communicate! To help make things a little clearer for you, I have found a few resources for you:

DigiNerd Abbreviations
"Miss Mint" has a list of web lingo for you in this post.

Digital Scrapbook Lingo
This list, by Hummie, covers everything from digital scrapbooking terminology to abbreviations for sites.

Also, some of the popular store names have also been Acronymized (is that a word or have I just created a new one??). The following is a list that I got from some website or post but I am not sure of the source. If someone knows where it came from or knows of a more complete list, please leave a link for me in the comment section.

Scrapbooking Site Abbreviations

MDM - My Digital Muse
SSD - Sweet Shoppe Designs
SBG - Scrapbook Graphics
SBE - Scrapbook-Elements
TSH - The Scrap Habit
SBP - Scrapbookers Playground
TDS - That's either The Digi Shoppe or The Daily Scrap
CK - Creating Keepsakes
SBB - Scrapbook Bytes
2Peas - Two Peas In a Bucket
PDW - Plain Digital Wrapper
ACOT - A Cherry On Top
NDISB - Natural Designs In Scrapbooking
PPS - Pink Poodle Studios
SA - Scrap Artist
DDD - Digital Diva Designs
GMD - Gina Miller Designs
DDE - Digital Design Essentials
DSD - Digiscrap Designer or Digi Scrap Divas
DST - Digishop Talk
DD - Designer Digitals or Divine Digital
3S - 3Scrapateers
SOTB - Scrap Outside The Box
RAKS - RAKScraps
HODS - Hooked On Digital Scrapping
OAKS - One Of A kind Scrapz
ES - Elemental Scraps
SAS - Stone Accents Studio
DST - DigiShopTalk

Hope these help you out in deciphering the posts on the forums! If you have any additions to this list, please leave me a comment below. TTYL!


patchas said...

How about SAS (Stone Accents Studio) and DST (DigiShopTalk), two of my favs.

DreamScrapper said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Patchas!