Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Good is Your Scrapbooking Memory?

I stumbled across two really good articles that made me sit down and think about my scrapbooking style. The first is by Hummie and the second by Rozanne Paxton, CEO of Scrap Girls.

In her article, Hummie mentions that writing can be therapeutic. She also encourages us to document both the good and the bad. If you are going to scrapbook it with pictures, you might as well tell the story, too, right?

Ro encourages us to record the story for the simple reason that future generations may interpret different stories from the pictures of the event, rather than what really happened.

As I look back over the layouts I have created, I realize that I include little or no journaling on my pages. I usually put a date or a small blurb, but nothing lengthy. Now, I don't believe you have to journal everything but I am going to try to do more journaling on my layouts. Now, if I could only fit it on the page! This is where paper scrapbookers and I guess even hybrid scrapbookers have us beat . . . they can include "hidden" journaling.

Hmmmmmmmm . . . in rethinking that, I suppose that digital scrapbookers could include hidden journaling in their albums, between the layout pages but within the actual page protectors. What do you think of that idea?

One other resource for you is found in the article, Easy Scrapbooking Journaling That Works For You. These tips are not necessarily geared just towards digital scrapbookers but there is a lot of ideas in the article.

I would like to know your ideas for journaling . . .

  1. What do you do to help you remember events?
  2. How do you fit it on the page?
  3. What other journaling tips can you share?
I will leave you with my latest layout, one that contains LOTS of journaling! It was completed for the July Title Take Challenge at Scrapbook Elements.

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Anonymous said...

A bit off topic from your question... but I love the page and the story going with it (good example of what journaling can do).


Hummie said...

Hey, thanks for the warm fuzzies!
I am glad you liked the article.

I am SO into journaling for future generations. It takes practice to fit it on the page but after a while it becomes natural.

Have you ever heard of the challenge called backwards scrapping, I think it was at 3scrapateers...they say to journal first, then add other stuff. I usually put my photos on first, then work with mats and backgrounds to make my photos pop, then do my journaling before I add any other elements. that's one reason my layouts have very few elements on them...no room left!