Friday, September 28, 2007

A Couple of Things . . .

I am so glad that you like my newest kit, Bounty in Burlap! I have received many favorable comments on it. Today, I received notice that my kit has been featured on Scrap Praise! As a new designer and store owner, this is very exciting and encouraging! I hope that you, my readers, will continue to enjoy the kits I design. I would appreciate some feedback from you as to the kind of kits you are looking for or need. What colors do you want? I tend to favor very bold colors so if that's not what you are after, I need to hear from you so I can accommodate your needs! What themes do you want in your kits? What type of textures and patterns do you like in the papers of a kit? Is there some special element that you would like to see included in a kit? Leave me a comment below.


Don't forget to use Kaboodle to bookmark your wish list of items from my store! Be sure to include dreamscrapper as a tag so that I can do a search and possibly find you to bestow a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) of some sort! I have already gifted one lucky recipient with a special coupon to my store. You could be next!