Monday, June 30, 2008

Keeping Cool in the Summer

I am not and probably never will be a chronological scrapper. I enjoy picking and choosing, both from my kits and from my photos as to what to scrap and when to scrap it. If you view my scrap gallery, you can easily see the progression from somewhat recent to heritage to 10 years ago to recent and back again! My albums follow this same progression so while on one page you may view my daughter at 14, on the next, she may still be a toddler!

Is it any wonder then that today I was scrapbooking some pictures, which I recently scanned in from my old SLR camera, and though outside it was hovering around 29 degrees Celsius, inside I was thinking cool thoughts as I scrapped images from Winter 2001! It is amazing what the power of thought can do . . . think cool, be cool!

Anyway, this is the layout I came up with today:

Click layout for larger image and full credits.

How about everybody else . . . do you scrap chronologically or haphazardly like me? Leave me a comment below!


Gayle said...

What an adorable layout! ...and yes, I too scrap haphazardly. Just depends on what pix "move" me at the time. :)

DreamScrapper said...

Thanks, Gayle! It's good to hear that I am not the only one that scraps this way!