Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Heritage Layouts: Mementos of the Past - UPDATED

There is something so alluring about looking at photos from the past. Even if the identity of the people is unknown, the setting, the outdated yet somehow exotic clothing, the expressions on the subjects . . . all these details combine to pull you into the memories captured on film.

Genealogy is a hot ticket item right now and many people are pursuing the search for their ancestors. Documenting your family’s history can definitely be a labor of love and one that often involves creating heritage layouts. I think that this is one place that digital scrapbooking has the advantage over the traditional paper scrapbooking. Once your relatives see the lovely layouts you have created, they will want copies for themselves! Can you imagine having to create multiple copies of traditional layouts? I think that burning multiple CDs or DVDs with layouts ready for print would definitely be the way to go!

Below are a few of my heritage layouts.

My very first heritage layout.

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Some resources on heritage layouts you may want to check out:

It's a Totally Tips Day! How to Begin Scrapping Your Heritage
Doris Castle offers a number of tips for getting started and also some links to genealogy sites.

Digital Scrapbooking With Your Coat of Arms
A nice post on the meaning behind a coat of arms and how to use it on your layout.

Vintage Photoshop How To: Part 1
A very in-depth tutorial showing how to achieve a very realistic vintage look to your photos.

Products for Heritage Layouts
This product gallery on Digishoptalk will show you products suitable for use in heritage layouts and albums.

Inspiring Heritage Layouts
This gallery at Digishoptalk should give you plenty of ideas for creating heritage layouts.

What Heritage Means to Me
This post by Hummie is very thought provoking . . . it makes for a very good read if you are interested in your family's heritage.


anne said...

These are beautiful~~Anne(mousee23@yahoo.com)

Chris said...

These are wonderful Heritage pages! I love older pictures and work with them a lot, but most of mine are from the sixties and seventies while my children were growing up and I had a camera that enabled me to take a few pics that turned out readable!
I love Katie Pertiet's kits at Designer Digitals, they have a timeless quality that are suitable for all eras.
Thanks for the links and layouts!

Sindiego said...

What gorgeous layouts. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Hummie said...

Thanks for the links...I'll be off to check them out. Great post and I love when people share their layotus to motivate others. Way to go!

Did you see this post of mine?

I keep meaning to move it to my tutorial page under miscellaneous.

I am working toward doing more tutorials on photo corrections for heritage photos...but I have so many on my to do list!