Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Summer Frenzy Add-on Freebie Re-issued

Oooooooops! There was something about the clipped flower cluster in the Summer Frenzy Add-on that has been bugging me. Something just didn't look right. Finally, I realized what it was . . . in placing the clip, I turned the clip the wrong way! Because of this, I have re-issued the freebie. I have also included both a shadowed and unshadowed version of the cluster in the download. If you downloaded the original, be sure to download this newest version so that your cluster looks like it is supposed to look!

This file is no longer available for download.
Thank you for all your comments on it!

Be sure to leave me a comment if you download!

Also, I have had a few comments by people who have missed my freebies because the links were no longer available. My freebies will not have an indefinite expiry date so you are best to grab them as soon as you see them! However, all my freebies will be placed in my store when it opens so if you missed something, you will be able to pick it up there. Once my items hit the store, you may want to take advantage of adding them to your Kaboodle, as outlined in my Kit and Kaboodle post. Be sure to add tags to them such as "summer frenzy" and "dreamscrapper" so that when I want to RAK someone, I can do a search in Kaboodle and find people who have my items on their list.


Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the reissued DL!!!!

Tina said...

Wow, I didn't even notice that. I had to pull up my LO and look at it. Ooops. Oh well, thanks for the update.

Ila said...

Thank you! It's lovely.

PSharp said...

Beautiful Thank you.

Lucy's Mama said...

I love love this clipped flower! Thanks so much for sharing

Anonymous said...

I love this! Thank you!